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The posts appearing on the Mapping Mountains site that have not been categorised under their own page heading will appear on this page.  Brief details appear below with hyperlinks to the blog post.

Filming at the base of Foel Penolau in the Rhinogydd.

The past year in review.

On Location with Janet Ruth Davies

Photo shoot with a research photographer specialising in the erratics of Snowdonia.

1st April celebratory article detailing the discovery of Ben Tŵr as a new P30.

An article introducing the concept of the Britfours.

The past year in review.

Praising P30s whilst completing 1,000 Welsh P30s atop Bryn y Fan.

On Location with Stream Publishing

Photo shoot on location in Cumbria with Stream Publishing.

Mapping Mountains – 2016 Retrospective

The past year in review.

Rob Woodall completes the 1,000ft hills

UKHillwalking article on Rob’s completion of the Welsh, English and Manx 1,000ft hills.

Reclassifications to the 2,000ft Mountains of Wales and of England – The Nuttalls

Detailing the reclassifications to the Nuttalls list since first publication.

Prospective Ordnance Survey Datum Change and the effect on Mountain Heights

Developing the theme from a Sunday Times article.

Mapping Mountains – 2015 Retrospective

The past year in review.

The book launch of the ‘Dull Men of Great Britain’ at Stanfords in London.

Lost Loves and Rekindled Friendships

A day on the hill with a difference.

Dull Men of Great Britain

Authored by Leland Carlson the ‘Dull Men of Great Britain’ is a book celebrating the passion of everyday, mundane things in life, including mountain measuring.

Mountain Biking the Hill Boundary of Powys

An account of a ten day mountain bike circumnavigation of Wales’s largest county; Powys, including visiting the high point of each of the eight 2,000ft mountain ranges within the county; bikes included.  Day 1.  Day 2.  Day 3.  Day 4.  Day 5.  Day 6.  Day 7.  Day 8.  Day 9.  Day 10.  Travel Journal and Statistics.

Beginnings – Article for Man Crates

Article based on formative experience of discovering the great outdoors.

Filming on location in the Sottish Highlands with ARD.

On Location with Daria Martin

Filming on location in Snowdonia with Daria Martin.

The past year in review.

An account of when I took my father’s ashes to the place where he had asked me to scatter them.

Alex Cameron details the conception and creation behind his video log to visiting the north Wales Pedwarau hills.

On the 9th September Anton Ciritis became the second person to complete Y Pedwarau; the 400m P30 hills of Wales.

John and Anne Nuttall are prize winning authors of numerous guide books including the two volume guide to ‘The Mountains of England and Wales’.  This is an account of what has become an annual visit.

UKHillwalking published an article on the survey of Craig Berwyn.  Only ‘discovered’ in the late 1980’s the hill is the highest in Y Berwyn.

An article published on the Grough website on the survey of Craig Berwyn.  This hill is the highest in Y Berwyn and had only been ‘discovered’ in the late 1980’s.

In March 2014 Corronoher was promoted into the ranks of Irish Marilyns.  This is a detailed account on how Clem’s last Marilyn update took 13 years to instigate.

Alan Dawson’s novel idea for a new list to ‘The Relative Holes of Britain’, this article was first published on the Grough website.

Alan Dawson’s very different concept in listing ‘The Relative Holes of Britain’, this article was first published on the Ordnance Survey blog.

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