Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Mapping Mountains – Trimble Surveys – Rhos

16.01.16  Mynydd Pant (SH 810 816)

Mynydd Pant (SH 810 816)

Having visited Trwyn y Fuwch (SH 813 823) Alex navigated us up a series of narrow lanes to the base of Mynydd Pant, which is situated just above the small community of Penrhyn-side.  We squeezed the car next to a wall outside of a house and as I scampered back up the lane to join Alex, I checked that sufficient room was left for any vehicle to pass mine, without having to squash it in to the wall.

Mynydd Pant is positioned to the south-west of Trwyn y Fuwch and is the next P30 to it when heading inland and therefore formed a natural extension for our next bagging objective. 

The route Alex had suggested is probably one of the quickest for the hill and involved parking relatively high and following the end of the paved road to where it becomes a track which culminates at what looked like a farm.  As is prone during multi-hill bagging days, the quickest route is usually the one taken, and sometimes this can diminish the quality of the walk or even diminish the sense of the quality of the hill, and our little sojourn up Mynydd Pant is an ideal example of this, as although I enjoyed it, I left with little sense of what the hill offers.

As we left the track we headed up toward a flattened high point that forms a grassed over water tank, thankfully this is not the high point of the hill, which is situated a metre or so from a fence corner, and which itself is only a few metres from the grassed and flattened area that constitutes the water tank.

As I set the Trimble on the high point of the hill, drops of rain, albeit only light, fell from the consistently grey sky, it seemed the conditions we had experienced on our first hill of the day were now set for the remainder of our day’s hill bagging.

The Trimble positioned on the high point of Mynydd Pant

Once the Trimble was collecting data I joined Alex a safe distance from it and admired the extensive view, with the great eastern sweep emanating from Gogarth toward Trwyn y Fuwch being most prevalent.  However, the continuing view south-westward was also good, with Coed Gaer prominent and a number of the higher, snow-capped Eryri peaks looking invitingly forbidding against their canopy of grey sky.

Gathering data from the summit of Mynydd Pant

As the last of the 300 points of data were gathered I closed the Trimble off, packed it away and we walked down our inward route to the car which was still clinging to its parking place.  Our next objective was a bash through a wood to the summit of Bryn Maelgwyn (SH 795 805) followed by its adjoining hill of Coed Gaer (SH 799 808), but the description of that walk is for the next blog post.

Survey Result:

Mynydd Pant

Summit Height:  131.2m (converted to OSGM15)

Summit Grid Reference:  SH 81035 81638

Drop:  c 37m

Dominance:  28.21%

For further details please consult the Trimble survey spreadsheet click {here}