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Mapping Mountains – Significant Name Changes – The Fours

Walker’s Bank (SO 389 984)

There has been a Significant Name Change to a hill that is listed in The Fours, with the height, drop and status of the hill confirmed by a Trimble GeoXH 6000 survey conducted by Myrddyn Phillips which took place on the 5th November 2014.

The criteria for the list that this name change applies to are:

The Fours – English hills at and above 400m and below 500m in height that have 30m minimum drop. 

Accompanying the main list of The Fours are three categories of sub hills, with this hill being classified in the 390m Sub-Four categoryThe criteria for 390m Sub-Four status are all English hills at and above 390m and below 400m in height that have a minimum 30m of drop.

The list is co-authored by Myrddyn Phillips and Aled Williams, with the 1st edition of the list having been published by Europeaklist in December 2013 and by Haroldstreet in January 2014, with the 2nd edition of the list due for publication by Mapping Mountains Publications in early 2018.

The hill is situated in the Welsh Borders and is placed in Region 38, Section 38A with its Cardinal Hill being the Stiperstones (SO 367 986).  The hill is positioned above a number of minor lanes with the one to its south-west being a part of the Shropshire Way, and has the small communities of Stiperstones towards its north-west and Picklescott towards its east north-east.

Walker's Bank (SO 389 984)

This hill was not included in the listing that is now known as The Fours when originally compiled as it did not at that stage include a sub-list to the hills at and above 390m and below 400m in height.  When this list was subsequently uploaded to the RHB Yahoo group file database and data then augmented from Clem Clements it appeared listed as; unnamed summit~.  These data were then duplicated by Mark Jackson to form this height band within the Tumps and this hill is now listed as Gatten Hill within that list, presumably so as there are a number of buildings positioned near to this hill with the name Gatten applied to them on contemporary Ordnance Survey maps, such as Gatten Lodge, Far Gatten and Near Gatten Farm.

Although I am of firm belief that listed hill names used by other authors should be respected when giving detail within other people’s lists, the practice of inventing a hill name based on the proximity of buildings near to where it is situated is not a practice that I now advocate as with time and inclination place-name data can be improved either by asking local people or by examining historical documents, through this form of research an appropriate name for the hill can usually be found, and this hill now appears under the name of Walker’s Bank in The Fours due to research conducted by Aled William’s with local farmers.

Prior to the 1st edition of The Fours being published by Europeaklist in December 2013 this hill was not included in this list, therefore although there is no change in this hill’s listed name within The Fours it is worth categorising under the heading of Significant Name Changes as the name this hill is now listed by comes from local enquiry. 
Therefore, the name this hill is now listed by in The Fours is Walker’s Bank and this was derived from local enquiry. 

The full details for the hill are:

Group:  Stiperstones

Name:  Walker’s Bank

Previously Listed Name:  Not previously listed in The Fours
Summit Height:  399.0m (converted to OSGM15)

OS 1:50,000 map:  137

Summit Grid Reference:  SO 38905 98491
Drop:  43.6m (converted to OSGM15)

The Trimble GeoXH 6000 gathering data at the summit of Walker's Bank (SO 389 984)

Myrddyn Phillips and Aled Williams (February 2018)

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