Sunday, 18 February 2018

Rob Woodall completes the Welsh mainland Tumps

Congratulations to Rob Woodall who earlier today on the 18th February 2018 completed the Welsh mainland Tumps on a 279m map heighted hill positioned at SH 660 139 and which overlooks the double lakes of Llynnau Cregennan, which are situated at the north-western base of Cadair Idris.  The hill remains unnamed on Ordnance Survey maps and is known as Ffridd Las, with the name of Pen Llynnau Cregennen used in the Tumps listing.

Rob and friends celebrating on the summit of Ffridd Las (SH 660 139) , having completed the Welsh mainland Tumps

In doing so Rob became the first person to complete this set of mainland hills, a quite phenomenal task as there are over 2,270 mainland Tumps listed in Wales, with an overall total including island Tumps exceeding 2,340.

The word Tump is an acronym standing for Thirty and Upward Metre Prominences and takes in hills that have a minimum of 30m of prominence, irrespective of their height.  The Tumps take in the whole of Britain and were first published by Mark Jackson in 2009, but as the Welsh P30s had been listed and published beforehand the data he duplicated and collated for the Welsh segment of this list was reliant upon a number of other list compilers.

Rob was joined by a number of friends for the walk and celebrated at the summit with a bottle of Penderyn Single Malt Whiskey, as well as an assortment of other bottled beverages and copious amounts of cake, and even the fickle Welsh weather was kind as the forecast rain only materialised after getting down from the hill.

Ffridd Las (SH 660 139), listed as Pen Llynnau Cregennen in the Tumps

Prior to finishing the Welsh mainland Tumps Rob was the first person to complete the 1,556 Marilyns atop Stac an Armin on the 13th October 2014 and has bagged the 6,190 surviving Ordnance Survey trig pillars finishing with Benarty Hill on the 16th April 2016, he has also bagged one or two other hills in the interim!  

Congratulations to Rob and many thanks for the invitation to join the summit celebrations. 


Ted Richards said...

Nicely written up Myrddyn. Quick off the mark.

Myrddyn said...

Thanks Ted, I've now got a video to edit (if I can remember how to do this [haven't done one in ages] [[seem to remember the last one I did was of Rob]] [[[he does seem to be celebrating an awful lot these days]]]).