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I have over 30 years of hill walking experience from scaling North Africa's highest mountain to trekking in Nepal and Peru. I've completed the Welsh 3000ft challenge in under 24 hours, 16 rounds of the Welsh 2000ft mountains, including an ascent of each hill in each month of the year; still the only known Monthly Calendar Round of hills ever achieved in the British Isles, and completed an ascent of 1,000 Welsh P30s. I have surveyed over 420 hills in Wales using a basic levelling technique, and spent nine years as a member of  G&J Surveys, with the team operating Leica differential GNSS equipment, and have now surveyed over 500 P30s using a Trimble GeoXH 6000 for the absolute height and drop of these hills.  I have a passion for Welsh upland place-name research and I am the author, co-author and co-custodian author of a number of hill lists including; Y Pedwarau, The Fours, Y Pellennig - The Remotest Hills of Wales, Twmpau, Y Trechol - The Dominant Hills of Wales, The Welsh P15s, The 500-Metre Tops of Ireland, The 400-Metre Tops of Ireland and the Irish Hewitts and Marilyns.  I am a member of the Legacy Committee set up to safeguard the entire hill-related papers, card index and memoir of the late E.D. 'Clem' Clements and also an honorary life member of the Snowdonia Society. 

If you want to get in touch, please email me at: 

myrddynphillips{at}yahoo.co.uk  (replace {at} with @)

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