Monday, 25 June 2018

Mapping Mountains – Trimble Surveys – Beacon Hill

04.05.18  Burrow (SO 381 830, previously Trimbled)

Having visited Burrow only nine days ago it was a surprise heading back to this hill so soon, but it was perfectly placed for a quick visit, as Bob Kerr was heading south and bagging a number of Marilyns on the way.  Before meeting Bob in Craven Arms he had visited two Marilyns, we then headed for Callow Hill (SO 460 850) followed by View Edge (SO 422 809), and now it was the turn of Burrow.

We took the same route as I had a number of days ago, and no doubt many people beforehand, parking in the quiet surrounds of Hopesay and following the paved road as it turns in to a muddied track past the Church of St Mary.

The morning’s slight chilled air had now been replaced by the warmth of early May as we made our way up the steep grassed slopes toward the conifered woodland that takes in part of the upper section of this hill’s northerly slopes.

Part of the beauty of the Shropshire hills are their tranquillity, although their higher hills can be a magnet for walkers, the majority are quiet, seldom frequented hills where bird song and the occasional farmer will be the only accompaniment, and it was no different today as we had the hill to ourselves.

Once on the forest track we followed this southward toward the entrance gate to the ancient ramparts and ditches that make up the summit area of Burrow, ahead lay the two tops, which are close in height with the easterly one favoured by the Trimble survey to be slightly higher, and this is where the 358m spot height appears on contemporary Ordnance Survey maps.

We visited both tops with Bob adopting suitable postures for the customary summit photographs.  Away to our south-east the wooded summit of View Edge was easily picked out, as was the summit of Callow Hill with its distinctive stone tower, whilst to our north the higher Shropshire hills looked inviting over a foreground of manicured green fields.

Bob at the easterly summit of Burrow

The higher Shropshire hills

Bob at the westerly top of Burrow

Leaving the summit we followed our inward route back to Hopesay and Bob’s car, where he planned his next walk and Marilyn, which was Titterstone Clee Hill, he asked if I would like to continue our little foray, I was tempted, but this would put an extra hour driving there and back to my car which was parked in Craven Arms on an already long journey, so I declined, although I was tempted.  It was good to see Bob again and meeting up had proved an enjoyable few hours on the hill.

The result of the Trimble survey of Burrow from the 26th April 2018 appears below 

Survey Result:


Summit Height:  358.2m (converted to OSGM15)

Summit Grid Reference:  SO 38112 83083

Col Height:  170.2m (converted to OSGM15)

Col Grid Reference:  SO 37852 87600

Drop:  188.0m

Dominance:  52.48%

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