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Mapping Mountains – Trimble Surveys – Arenig

07.02.20  Carnedd Iago (SH 782 406), only bwlch surveyed

The summit of Carnedd Iago is easily reached if heading to it from the convenience of the B4391 to its south.  Otherwise its summit is a prize to be savoured as it forms a part of the Y Migneint; this area comprises wild moorland that stretches for many miles where open moors and bog meet.  I’d surveyed this hill’s summit in March 2014 along with Aled Williams, when we miraculously missed incoming and threatening rain.  Although the connecting bwlch forms a part of the Y Migneint it is relatively easily accessed from the B4407 which winds its way between Ffestiniog and Ysbyty Ifan across the moor to its north-west.

Carnedd Iago (SH 782 406)

I parked next to Ffynnon Eidda; which is a well positioned beside the road.  This is on an old drover’s route and the well would have provided water for travellers and their animals.  To its north-west and rising above the B road as a grassed moorland hill is Graig Goch, its eastern aspect shields its western crags, which stretch northward giving the hill a dramatic feel when on its upper ridge.  However, for today it was the opposing land to the east where I headed.

Prior to my visit I had examined this land from the convenience of a Google car on my laptop, and all except for confirming the parking place close to Ffynnon Eidda this digitised trip did not give much away as the driver ventured to these parts on a particularly misty day. However, I did note a ten figure grid reference where contour interpolation places the bwlch and that the easiest access to this point would be to walk back up the road to where a sign signifies the county boundary; from here I would have to dive in to the morass of moor.  Once my car was parked I decided otherwise and headed in to the morass of the Y Migneint almost immediately, partly as it looked so inviting but also from this direction of approach I wanted to examine the valley to valley traverse further north from where interpolation places the critical point of the bwlch.

The bwlch of Carnedd Iago

As I headed down to the lower moor, Arenig Fawr and Arenig Fach rose above the distant surrounds, floating skyward with a foreground of breeze blown wild moor grass and bog, they looked a wonderful site.  I soon confirmed that the continuation of the valley to valley traverse headed downward from where my interpolated position placed the critical point of this bwlch.  This now meant a steady plod trough reed grass, heather and bog to where the bwlch lay.

Looking across the Y Migneint toward Arenig Fach and Arenig Fawr

The bwlch of Cranedd Iago consists of a number of uninviting peat laden channels, all of which today oozed black slime.  It was relatively easy to pinpoint where the approximate position of the critical point lay as one of the peat channels conveniently oozed its way upward toward a green slimed bog.  Nearing the bog the channel diverged in to two thinner, but still noticeable routes, each led to the green bog that then slithered downhill in to copious amounts of reed grass signifying the start of the opposing stream valley.

The green slimed bog

I spent a number of minutes wandering in the ooze jumping from one tussock laden patch of moor grass and heather to the next; always thankful that I had donned wellies and not walking boots, which for such a task would by now be immersed in wet slime.  I eventually chose the spot that I judged to be the critical point and as the Trimble beeped away gathering its allotted data I stood back and marvelled at such a place as this, one that few people must visit, and yet one that portrays the wild elements of our beautiful uplands.

Gathering data at the bwlch of Carnedd Iago

Once six minutes of data were gathered and stored I scampered back to the equipment through the bog, closed it down, packed it away and took a much easier, direct route to the B road for a slow plod back to my awaiting car.  I’d spent just under an hour in the splendour of the bog and enjoyed every minute of it!      

Survey Result:

Carnedd Iago

Summit Height:  538.0m (converted to OSGM15, from previous Trimble GeoXH 6000 survey)

Summit Grid Reference:  SH 78271 40653

Bwlch Height:  463.6m (converted to OSGM15)

Bwlch Grid Reference:  SH 76010 43220

Drop:  74.4m

Dominance:  13.83%


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